I’ve been running my players through a long treasure hunt, which has lead them through 4 or 5 different dungeons. I’ve designed them all myself, really pushing myself to design dungeons properly. However, we are approaching the final dungeon, in which the Pirate’s real and final treasure is hidden, and I wanted to make this a multi-session dungeon delve, really challenging the characters. The players I have these days are very new to d&d, and so they really don’t know what to expect. Being new myself, I’ve found it very challenging to design dungeons that actually challenge the players and aren’t just simple encounters that will be overcome so easily.

But anyway, in browsing Dyson Logos’ amazing blog, I’ve come across his 4-level dungeon, Erdea Manor. I’m reading through it right now, and I’m thinking that I will use it for the last treasure dungeon. I’m going to use the first two levels as he has them stocked, but for a couple reasons, I am going to take liberties with the other levels. The reasons being that there are particular encounters that I would like to happen (such as Lizardmen and Derro, and an epic Dragon-Battle to top it off).

I am going to spend the next few evenings of my spare time stocking the lower depths, using the Labyrinth Lord stocking method, while filling in those encounters I want. I am going to try to compile this all into a .pdf once I am done, and I will upload a link. I’m hoping this will all prove to be useful learning experience for me.

The first Mystik Hertz compilation is on its way, I just have to figure out the exact format. Stay posted (if anyone is out there reading this).


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  1. I’m looking forward to see your compilation(s). Will you have them with different themes (e.g. Dungeon, Villain, Town, etc)?

    • Nicodemus says:

      I’m not too sure about themes yet. Having differently themed playlists would be a great idea, and the DM could just switch between them when appropriate.

      I’m still debating whether or not they should just be random playlists, or if they should be a cohesive soundtrack-style.

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